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Top 3 of The World’s Coldest Places To Visit Before You Die

In our short span of firefly life, to give your mind and soul the best ever soothing and unique experience, who would not love to touch your feet on some mesmerizing places on the earth before you finally say goodbye to the world.

If travelling is on your cards and you love that bone chilling experience at least once before you die, explore the coolest fun filled experience in some of the world most adorable coldest places.

If you are looking for some coolest places in the world to explore, the top 3 places are listed below:

Rogers Pass- Montana, USA


Roger Pass is necessary visit place in Montana, USA where you will have a pleasant chilled experience. This coolest place stands higher about 5610 feet from the sea level, which is located outside Alaska and on the edge of the continental border.

This is the coolest place in USA where a large number of tourists come in every year to enjoy the unique experience over here. In January 20, 1954 during the severe cold wave happened, the lowest temperature in this place recorded was -70  °F or -57 Celsius.


In roger Pass, you can experience its most adventurous journey, especially for the people who wish to do hiking on the continental Divided Trial. Since Roger Pass is a path between the cities like Great Falls and Missoula, the traveler can also get a good access to these cities, where you can enjoy the beautiful things the cities have to offer you.

Best time to visit

If you want to enjoy the winter snowfall and its adventures in Roger Pass, the best time to visit here is between January (average of -7 °C) to July (20 °C).

Astana in Kazakhstan


Astana in Kazakhstan is known to be one of the coldest cities in the world. Being a capital city of Kazakhstan, the recorded average temperature in January is as low as 3 degree Fahrenheit. However, in most of the winter season, the temperature comes to zero degrees Celsius, making it shivering cold experience for people.


Even in the cold winter, Astana entertains its tourists with adventurous skating experience. There are five skating parks in this city, where people enjoy their ice rinks in its unique chilled land.

Best time to visit

If you are planning to enjoy the beauty of this place and to experience the city’s unique offers,  the best time to visit Astana is in its summer season. The summers are bearable there and you will be saved from its extreme weather conditions in winters. Hence, you can visit there between June-August months, when temperature is more at a comfort level.

Hell, StJordal, Norway

ASTANA (1)-min

When you come to Hell, no doubt, you are going to get a hell freezing experience. Hell is a small town situated in Norway, where there are around thousands of people residing. However, Hell is a wonderful tourist place and has several tourist attractions to entertain its tourists.

Hell is also one of the coldest places that you would love to visit in the world. The average temperature of this place in January comes to 4 degree Fahrenheit, which even lowers in most of the winters, keeping the climate so chilled and frozen.

The frosty enclaves in hell are popular for its tourists to enjoy. Almost one third of the whole year, the city stays frozen.


However, for tourists, Hell offers many attractions like climbing, Rally cross, Blues in Hell, the famous festival over here.

Best time to visit

There can be extreme temperature in winter that comes to around -20 °C, making you freeze all over. June is the summer season in Norway; you can visit there during this time.

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