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Tips To Choose Right Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Lipsticks are the best partners of women. Most of the times, when you bag in the most liked lipstick you saw on a store. However, even when several shades color up your make up kit, some may be untouched or you may feel it isn’t working.

It’s nothing but, the fact that lipstick color choice has a great connection with your skin tone. Finally, when you apply on your lips, often you find it not suiting your face. This can be due to the selection of wrong lipstick shades.

Well, if you are not sure about the best  lipstick shade suitable for you that enhances your overall look, then let’s see which are the best ones based on your skin tones.

Skin undertones

The best way to chose suitable lipstick is to know your skin undertone. Skin undertone can be of two types, either yellow or pink. To identify your skin tone, you have to look at the veins present on your wrist. If you find blue veins that means, you have pink undertones.

In case of a green veins, then you have yellow or warmer undertone. In case there are both blue and green veins on your wrist, then any lipstick shades are suitable for you.

Another way is to keep both silver and gold jewelry on your face. Do not go biased with your personal preference, but see which one suit you better. If silver suits you more, you have pink undertone. If gold suits you more, then you have a yellow undertone.

Lipstick shades based on your undertones

If you have a yellow undertone, the best picks would be some warmer shades, which will suit on your face. If you have a pink undertone, then go with pink, purple shades of lipsticks.

Lipstick shades based on Skin tone

Suppose, you are still unsure about your undertone, you can go with the lipstick shades that based on your skin tone like fairer, darker, and olive skin tones.

Olive skin tones

These are rare skin tones and the lip shades like red, pink, orange etc will work with olive skin tones. When you put a suitable lipstick, you can also go with the dress color.  This is the combination of warmer and pink undertone.

Fair skin tones

Fairer skins are to be chosen with particular lip shades. Sometimes most of us think that any color will go with a fair skin. But that’s not the fact. For a fairer skin, always choose deep colors like bright red etc. It will not only enhance the brightness of your face, but also your overall elegance.

However, it will be a wrong choice to go with warmer or lighter shades for a fairer skin and it may make your look dull.

Darker skin tones

If you are having a darker skin tone, there are some good shades that will make your face look brighter. For instance, deep plum, red, berry shades etc will suit a darker skin.

This is because deeper shades will give you a natural look. However, pale shades are not so good and won’t work well. The more light shades you apply, the brightness of your face shade away, which will not give you a fresh look.

The choice is always yours to get your best lipstick shades. However, simply by going with your skin tone or undertone, it can make a big difference on the makeup you do and may enhance your look in a better way. However, when you feel a bright orange shade goes well with your dress, it’s all your choice!

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