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The Science Behind Motivation & How To Master It

It may be easy to motivate others to work or do something. However, often the hardest job is to motivate self. When you really want to motivate you to the best, you need to know the science of motivation, which is nothing but knowing what works and what not work in motivating yourself.

If you are not sure about the science of motivating yourself, then you may not find the real path to motivate you. Hence, you go ahead with trying many motivational tips, the ideal thing is to know your science of motivation as it differs from one person to another.

Good performers and hard workers motivate you

If you want to self motivate yourself is to keep yourself in the midst of high performing and hard working people. They will inspire you and make you to work hard like them according to a recent survey done by Michigan State University.

However, the reverse can also happen when there are a group of higher performers and low performers together. By this, the high performers may show a slower phase in their performance, which is called as social loafing. Hence, the physical presence of high performers is not necessary to get motivated, their success stories and hard work patterns can also influence you to work well.

Change your attention

If you want to get motivated for longer, it is always good to focus on your progress level. By this you will come to know how far you have achieved and what more you have to do achieve your goals. It is proved in the researches that people get motivated more when they are having a track of their activities and see what they have achieved so far.

This will also motivate them to achieve the rest. A continuous task may not serve the purpose of motivation, You may need to frequently check your progress and change your attention to get a better focus and higher motivation.

Fun filled approach than stressful one

When you have fun filled and positive environment, you will automatically get motivated. The science of motivation says that people will be more happily motivated to work if relaxed and stress free. If you are under any type of stress, half of your productivity will be spoiled there itself.

When your desire and dreams are up, you will be able to show more enthusiasm and perfection if you are having a happy mind.

Money is not a good motivator

Money is not a good motivating factor and you have thought so, you are wrong. A study was done in medical facility and proved that the financial or monetary incentives are not completely giving positive results, sometimes they are negative motivators also.

It may reduce the desire of people to perform more and harder to achieve their goal as they already given with money.

Brain structure determines motivation

It is often seen that some people may need more push or motivation than others. Through some recent studies, science has revealed that in the ventral striatum of our brain, there is a general motivation center. This regulates the mental and physical activities.

It has different activation levels and it decide how easily a person can be motivated. The person who gets highly motivated has more discharge of dopamine in his ventral striatum. Hence, motivation level is also based on the structure of each of our brain.  If this part of the brain gets damaged, you will not be able to get motivated and thereby it affects your success in life and performance level.


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