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Benefits Of Strawberries For Your Hair, Skin & Health

Strawberries give multiple benefits to your skin, hair and body. However, most of us are not sure about the amazing benefits of commonly available fruit. Let’s see what strawberries offers to us:

For Skin

Cleanser: Strawberries are superb skin cleaners. Strawberries contain salicylic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants etc that make your skin fresh looking by removing its damaged cells, impurities etc. It also helps to tighten the skin pores and make your skin glow. It is thus seen that strawberries are seen used in leading brands in their face cream, face washes, cleansers etc.

Fairness: strawberries are best skin lighteners. They will also reduce aging spots and wrinkle. Just squeeze the juice out of the fruit and apply on your face. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash it off using lukewarm water. This will give you more complexions.

Skin Toner: They are excellent skin tones. To get best results, crush strawberries and then take its juice. Mix it with a few drops of rose water and glycerin. Apply this mixture regularly to get acne and blemish free, glowing smooth skin.

Prevents suntan: If you want to remove suntans, it has ellagic acid that prevents the skin to get damaged through ultra violet rays. Apply its juice regularly for best results.

For Hair

Prevents hair thinning: Strawberries can reduce hair thinning and hair falls with the presence of ellagic acid in it.  It is also an excellent source of folic acid, vitamin B5 etc which prevents hair fall, making your hair grow thicker, making each hair strand strong.

Silk and shinny hair: Using strawberries on your hair will make it shinny and silky. To make a homemade conditioner using strawberries, take about 6 to 8 ripe strawberries and one table spoon mayonnaise. Blend this mixture well and then apply on your hair. After 15-20 minutes, you can wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Do this once a week to make your hair grow silky and shinny.

Remove dandruff: Strawberries are good to remove dandruff and other fungal elements from your hair. You can use it by taking its juice, mix with phytochemicals such as tea tree oil, and wash it off after 15 minutes. It will get rid of dandruff when you regularly use for some days.

Strawberries Health benefits

Immunity booster: Strawberry contains high level of vitamin C and this is a must for boosting immunity in you. If you add strawberry in your daily diet, it can increase your immune system and prevents you from getting illness.

Good for eye sight: Strawberries have rich vitamin C content and therefore they are good for eyes. These are the natural source to get rid of cataracts. An eye conditioner which comes when you are aged. Cornea and retina of your eyes will be strong when you regularly intake strawberries with its high vitamin C content.

Good for heart: The phenolic present in strawberries helps in reducing any health problem by increasing the function of blood vessels and reducing blood clots. The flavonoids in strawberries reduce inflammation in your body and potassium in strawberries control blood pressure also. Hence, these are good for your heart.

Controls Cholesterol:   The phyto-nutrients present in strawberries prevent you from getting illness to a greater extend. Phenolic and Flavonoids like other components are some amazing antioxidants and it reduce Cholesterol in your body through   oxidation low density lipo-protein (LDL).

Prevents Cancer:  Strawberries have Elegiac Acid and Vitamin C present in it. It reduces the growth of cancer cells in our body. Regular intake of strawberries can prevent you from getting cancer.


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