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5 Top-Rated & Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most loved travel destinations. The wonderful outdoor attractions of this place are really eye catchy. Anyone who comes to Sweden would love to come here again. It gives paradise feel with its pure air, crystal cool water, and friendly people to help you.

There are many things to explore in Sweden and you are sure to enjoy your vacation in Sweden with its mesmerizing scenic beauty and other tourists destinations.

Here are some 5 top rated and must visit tourist attractions in Sweden that you shouldn’t miss:


The Drottningholm palace is very attractive, located in the island of Lovo, like in the fairytale stories. The palace is about 11 kms away from the Stockholm city.

You can go by boating to this place and explore the water bodies out there. History of this palace is having a history connected to 17th century and now Swedish royal Family is staying there officially.

During summer times, there are many performances happening in this palace for entertaining the tourists from different places. The theater museum in the place shows stage scenery and costumes. There are historical bronze sculptures in this palace to add its beauty brought from places like Denmark, Bohemia etc.

Vasa Museum

This museum is located in the Stockholm city and is one of the most popular one that attracts many tourists to it from different parts of the world. It was founded in 1990 and since then millions of people have already visited the museum.

The museum has its historical connection when imperial fleet sank under the ocean in 1960 and was beneath the water till 1961. To see this amazing time capsule, people come to this museum from many places. To entertain people, there are many exhibitions held in the museum every day.

Stockholm Archipelago, Stromma Boat Tours

It is otherwise known as Venice of the North, It is surrounded with water all over and there are over 30,000 islands surrounding it, the view is marvelous and every visitor would love to come and indulge in its scenic beauty and wonderful boating experience.

You have summerhouses made of timber to relax and rest in between your water trips. There are also options from hop on and hop offs. The stromma boats are popular here and they are real attractions out here. You can take countless trips in these serene beauty.


Djurgården park is another famous tourist destination that makes you to enjoy your Sweden trip. It comes with many amenities, especially during summer months. The garden gives you more entertainment and eats out places like traditional restaurants, snack counters and hotels.

Gröna Lund amusement park over here has a couple of museums like Abba museum and zoo to entertain people.  The parks are nice place to relax and have fun. In fact these parks are just a few minutes’ walking distance from the city center. Thus, the access to it is very easy from the city to these parks.


Sigtuna is the most famous and first ever town in Sweden. The town was founded in AD 980 during Viking era. This amazing village is a wonderful scenic location that is surrounded with Lake Malaren. It has lush green landscapes and amazing attractions to give visitors to spend the best time ever.

There are medieval time churches in this village, adding its historical value. From Stockholm, you can travel to this village taking only 45 minutes by car and 20 minutes travel time from Arlanda airport.

When you are in Sweden, you must visit these places!


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